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Newsletters are sent to active producers by e-mail where possible. Paper copies are printed and distributed to those without a computer.  The newsletters are a way to try to keep producers informed of market events and changes in policies.

- June 2009 - March 2009 -

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Newsletter June 2009

During the first quarter of this financial year invoice totals were slightly down but tea sales were up so it balanced out. We were still the top selling Market in West Kent last year - I think this is about the sixth year in a row.

Tea sales are making a very important contribution to our income which helps to pay things like the rent and insurance. Thanks to those who have worked in the kitchen and to those who have washed the table cloths. Please make sure they are well ironed so they look really smart. The Committee have purchased some new flowers to make them look more modern.

Longfield Festival

This year’s Festival is going to be held on Sunday 5th July. Last year the Festival was extremely enjoyable. We sold lots of goods and did a lot of advertising for the Friday Market. Goods are required for the following stalls: plants, fruit and vegetables; preserves, cakes and craft. The festival is opening earlier than last year so all goods will need to be checked in by 11am. Would all shareholders please try and support the Market by either sending goods, help set up from 9am, or by clearing away from 4pm or helping on the day. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us again.

Dates to Note

The date for the Macmillan Coffee morning is Friday 25th September. Once again hopefully all shareholders will support us in this venture as generously as they have done in the past.

This year is the 200th year since the discovery of the Bramley Apple. To celebrate this our Bramley Apple day will be on Friday 23rd October. Details of both of these events will follow in due course.

Once again we are supporting the Ellenor Lions Garden Scheme. Information on this is available from Kay.

Easter Market

The Easter Market has been a problem for some years. The Committee has now decided that in future we will shut for Good Friday and will not open mid-week instead. Therefore there will be no Easter Market and in future-the Market will be closed for one week.


A small group have been working on a new A5 flyer to advertise the Market. This will be available in future to give to friends and neighbours to encourage them to come along.


The Treasurers are willing to cash cheques on a Friday morning as this reduces the amount of cash they have to carry to the Post Office. Please be considerate and help them with their job by giving them your cheque at the beginning of the Market when it is easier to deal with it rather than near the end when they are trying to count up the takings.

Newsletter March 2009


We are not only still in business but increased our sales last year by 3.68%.

The Economic situation has not improved so we will need to continue to work hard as a team. Please let the Market Managers know as quickly as you can if you are not going to be in on a Friday particularly if we depend on your goods for sale. Service to our customers is as important now as ever.

A copy of the latest Food Hygiene Guidelines is available in the Market for all cooks.

The Treasurers request that tills are sent over to them as quickly as possible when the market closes as we need to be out of the Hall by 12 noon.

The Managers ask that cloths should be folded correctly and washed regularly. You try getting them into the cupboard!

Annual Meeting - Every shareholder should have received an invitation to this meeting on March 20th. Remember, if you have a suggestion or a complaint for the Market Committee to consider this is the place to raise it.

Easter Market - As usual there will be no market on Good Friday. We can now confirm that there will be an Easter Market on Wednesday 8th April at the usual time and place.

Home Economics Days - This year HE days are on the 7th and 8th April. Longfield has been asked to send goods and helpers on Wednesday 8th April. The event takes place again at Ditton and commission will be deducted at 17.5%. All shareholders are invited to take part. Details are available from the Market Managers.

Longfield Festival - This year the date for the festival has been fixed on Sunday 5th July. This event was excellent last year and is a good place for both selling goods and advertising the Friday Market. It is anticipated that the details will be the same as last year with goods being checked in during the morning. All shareholders are invited to take part.

Eleanor Gardens Scheme - We are hoping to support this scheme once again during the summer months but we do not have the details at the moment.

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